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This website, provided by the Research Forum Education and Society (WIFO*), enables researchers and professionals in the field of European education to share resources and news about their collaborative activities. Its thematic focus is on the relationship between learning and work. It links research, policy and practice, particularly in the field of vocational education and human resource development. 

From its beginning in 1997, the WIFO site has collected resources in the field of European education, with a focus on vocational education, more recently also including human resource development. Major sections of the WIFO site resulted from involvement in European research projects, from contract work for Cedefop and also from collaboration with the European Research Network in Vocational Education and Training (VETNET) and the University Forum for Human Resource Development (UFHRD). 

Work for the WIFO Gateway has been guided by the following principles:

  • active collaboration: resources have been compiled in the course of partnership work for EU projects and as part of networking activities, with intensive communication via ordinary means (email, phone and face-to-face);
  • interesting content: the key is to provide information that researchers both need and produce in their ordinary work process; the challenge is to find a professional way, based on information processing, of producing this content;
  • continuous updating: while research activities are subject to permanent change - new projects, schemes and websites all the time - the gateway wants to offer continuity of services, right up to the latest information available; 
  • simple design: the web pages are created by using simple tools, yet care is taken to ensure easy navigation, quick orientation and a pleasant look.
Closely related to maintaining the WIFO Gateway, recent activities have focused on supporting various communities of researchers, both via WIFO mailing lists and the L&W Newsletter, in sharing information on vocational education and human resource development across Europe.

Dr Sabine Manning, Research Forum WIFO, Neue Blumenstrasse 1, D-10179 Berlin, Phone: *49-30-2421273

*) Wissenschaftsforum Bildung und Gesellschaft e.V. (registered non-profit-making association)

A review of collaborative research activities supported by the WIFO Gateway appeared in the European Educational Research Journal:

Sabine Manning. 
Linking Educational Research Activities across Europe:
A review of the WIFO Gateway to Research on Education in Europe
In: EERJ Vol. 6 (2007) No 4, pages 446-450

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