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Boreham, Nick
Developing ICT capability in higher education in the UK

In 1997, the Dearing Report on Higher Education recommended that all students in higher education should be taught generic skills in information and communication technology (ICT) to prepare them for employment. This paper considers some of the changes in graduate employment which have been brought about by the widespread introduction of ICT into the workplace. It then reports a survey of how students' ICT capability is being developed in 22 higher education courses in 15 higher education institutions, covering all the major subject areas. Four different ideal types of curriculum are proposed, to explain the variety of provision. Only one of them seems likely to fully achieve the task set by Dearing of preparing students for employment in the information society. 

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Manning, Sabine; Dif, M'hamed (eds.). 2001. VETNET ECER 2001 proceedings: Current research in European vocational education and human resource development. Berlin: Wissenschaftsforum Bildung und Gesellschaft e.V. [Internet:].

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