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Holmes M.E.A., Geertshuis S.A., Clancy D. & Bristol A.
Earner/ Manager's uncertainty of their capacity for innovative problem solving: an ICT 
based solution

“Learning and Business” (LAB) is an ESF funded research project, taking place at the Centre for Learning Development, University of Wales, Bangor. The aim of the project is to develop ICT based tools that will assist managers with problem based creative learning. The focus of this paper is to explore the relationship between attitudes to creative problem solving and perceptions of competence and confidence. The data gathered from 52 respondents revealed high levels of perceived competence and competence that failed to correlate as predicted with factors relating to attitudes to creativity. Alternative explanations are offered that explain the patterns of interactions obtained. Details of follow-up research activities are provided.


Complete reference:
Manning, Sabine; Raffe, David (eds.). 2000. VETNET ECER 2000 proceedings: Current research in European vocational education and human resource development. Berlin: Wissenschaftsforum Bildung und Gesellschaft e.V. [Internet:].
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