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Kämäräinen, Pekka
‘Key qualifications’ - a new framework for analysing the modernisation of vocational qualifications and curricula

Currently, the accustomed vocational education and training (VET) systems are challenged by traditional structural competition (by general/academic education) and by new challenges that are posed by alternative forms of learning. In this context it is necessary to ask how can 'key qualifications' contribute to the renewal of vocational learning culture. However, it is not enough to focus on the modernisation of vocational learning within accustomed boundaries of VET systems. Instead, it is necessary to raise the question what kind of role 'key qualifications' could play in a broader context of modernisation potentials of education and training culture. In this respect it is necessary to take into account both the potential for renewal and possible substitution by other kinds of education and training models.


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Manning, Sabine; Raffe, David (eds.). 2000. VETNET ECER 2000 proceedings: Current research in European vocational education and human resource development. Berlin: Wissenschaftsforum Bildung und Gesellschaft e.V. [Internet:].
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