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Manning, Sabine
What can we learn from dually oriented qualifications? Lessons drawn by the LEONARDO partnership DUOQUAL

This paper puts forward latest results of the LEONARDO partnership projects INTEQUAL/ DUOQUAL coordinated by the Research Forum WIFO, Berlin. These project have investigated qualifications at secondary education level which combine vocational and general education and provide a dual orientation towards employment and higher education (dual qualifications). 
The particular focus of this paper are 'lessons of mutual learning', drawn in a collaborative process. The criteria of assessing dual qualifications have been derived from a model of quality which is related to personal competence and to mobility both in the education system and the labour market. Furthermore, a typology of national settings for dual qualifications has been applied which identifies the basic relationship between education and work. 
In conclusion, the results of mutual learning are contrasted with hypotheses put forward in earlier phases of the partnership project. The lessons identified by the partnership are available online in the DUOQUAL Knowledge Base:


Complete reference:
Manning, Sabine; Raffe, David (eds.). 2000. VETNET ECER 2000 proceedings: Current research in European vocational education and human resource development. Berlin: Wissenschaftsforum Bildung und Gesellschaft e.V. [Internet:].
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