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Tjepkema, Saskia & Mulder, Martin
HRD in learning oriented organisations in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK
Contribution # 1 The Netherlands

'Learning' is taking on a strategic meaning within work organisations. In efforts to become  learning organisations, or to enhance knowledge management, in order to better meet strategic challenges, ever more companies strive to enhance the opportunities for (informal) employee learning. Such organisations can be labelled 'learning oriented organisati-ons', organisations that: 
# create (on-the-job as well as off-the-job) facilities for employee learning;
# stimulate employees not only to attain new knowledge and skills, but also to acquire skills in the field of learning and problem solving and thus develop their capacity for future learning ('learning to learn').
The development of such learning oriented organisations, has a profound impact on the relationship between work and learning. Whereas learning used to be primarily equalled to training, it now becomes predominantly associated with learning from experience, and self-directed learning. This changing view of learning has far-reaching consequences for the role and tasks of Human Resource Development (HRD) professionals. 
Only little is known on these changes. Research in this area was mainly restricted to a few case study projects. Moreover, it is unclear whether the results of these studies are valid for the European situation, since much of the literature on which it is based is of American origin, and empirical data were only collected on a national level (the Netherlands, UK). It is against this background that, in the beginning of 1998, a European TSER funded research project was started, with the aim to clarify the main changes in the field of HRD. 


Complete reference:
Manning, Sabine; Raffe, David (eds.). 2000. VETNET ECER 2000 proceedings: Current research in European vocational education and human resource development. Berlin: Wissenschaftsforum Bildung und Gesellschaft e.V. [Internet:].
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