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Acronym[*] Title, programme, period, coordinator
[ACCESS] Access to vocational guidance for people at risk of social exclusion. LEONARDO. 1996-1998. Clayton, Pamela
ADMIT Higher education admission and student mobility in the EU. TSER. 1998-2000. West, Anne
[ALTERNANCE] Real and viable alternance. LEONARDO. 1997-2000. Clematide, Bruno
BALANCING COMPETENCIES Enhancing the participation of young adults in economic and social processes: balancing instrumental, biographical and social competencies in post-school education and training . TSER. 1998-2000. Wildemeersch, Danny 
CATEWE A comparative analysis of transitions from education to work in Europe. TSER. 1997-2000. Hannan, Damian
CHIP Child Immigration Project. TSER. 1997-2000. Collicelli, Carla
CL-NET (Computer-supported) Collaborative Learning Networks. TSER. 1997-1999. Simons, Robert-Jan
COMPETE Competence evaluation and training for Europe. TSER. 1998-2000. Cullen, Joseph
DELOS Developing learning organisation models in SME clusters. TSER. 1996-1997. Sarcina, Ruggera
DISTANCE Dual training systems: institutional setup and performance. LEONARDO. 1997-2000. Elk, Koos van
DUOQUAL Qualifications with a dual orientation towards employment and higher education. LEONARDO. 1997-2000. Manning, Sabine
EMVET Euromodule project VET and culture. SOCRATES. 1998-2001. Heikkinen, Anja
EUROPROF New forms of education of professionals in vocational education and training. LEONARDO. 1995-1997. Attwell, Graham 
EVALUE Evaluation and self-evaluation of universities in Europe. TSER. 1996-1998. Dubois, Pierre
[HRD & LLL] The role of HRD within organisations in creating opportunities for life-long learning: concepts and practices in seven European countries. TSER. 1997-1999. Tjepkema, Saskia
[IMMIGRATION] Immigration as a challenge for settlement policies and education: Evaluation studies for cross-cultural teacher training. TSER. 1998-2000. Pitkänen, Pirkko
INTEQUAL The acquisition of integrated qualifications for professional work and study: An assessment of innovative approaches in seven European countries . LEONARDO. 1995-1997. Manning, Sabine
IVETTE Implementation of virtual environments in training and education (Thematic Network). TSER. 1998-2000. Barajas, Mario
LABWORK Improving science education: Issues and research on innovative empirical and computer-based labwork in Europe. TSER. 1996-1998. Séré, Marie-Genevieve
[LITERACY] Early literacy teaching and learning: innovative practice in four different national contexts: A thematic network. TSER. 1996-1998. Dombey, Henrietta
NATCCC-PS New assessment tools for cross-cultural competencies in the domain of problem solving (Network). TSER. 1998-1999. Reeff, Jean-Paul
NEWSKILLS Education and training, new job skill needs and the low-skilled. TSER. 1996-1999. Steedman, Hilary
POST-16 STRATEGIES Finding new strategies for post-16 education by networking vocational and academic/general education and working life to improve the parity of esteem for initial vocational training. LEONARDO. 1995-1997. Lasonen, Johanna
SFIDE Sistemi formativi innovativi in dimensione Europa [Innovative education systems in European dimension]. LEONARDO. 1997-2000. Nervo, Germano
[SMES TRAINING] Small business training and competitiveness: Building case studies in different European cultural contexts. TSER. 1998-2000. Sauquet, Alfonso
SPES-NET Sharpening the post-16 educational strategies by horizontal and vertical networking. LEONARDO. 1997-2000. Stenström, Marja-Leena
STT Schooling, training and transitions: An economic perspective. TSER. 1997-1999. Sofer, Catherine 
TACITKEY Tacit forms of key competences for changing employment. LEONARDO. 1998-2000. Heidegger, Gerald; Hendrich, Wolfgang
TRANSLAM Social integration by transitional labour markets. Module II: Training and human capital investment. TSER. 1996-1998. Schömann, Klaus
[UNEMPLOYED] The effectiveness of labour market oriented training for the long-term unemployed. TSER. 1996-1998. Brandsma, Jittie
WEX21C Work experience as an education and training strategy: New approaches for the 21st century. TSER. 1998-2000. Griffiths, Toni
WHOLE Work process knowledge in technological and organisational development (Thematic Network). TSER. 1998-1999. Boreham, Nick
[YOUTH MARGINALISATION] Youth unemployment and processes of marginalisation on the Northern European periphery. TSER. 1997-1999. Hammer, Torild

[*] Tentative acronyms (where original is unknown) appear in brackets.

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