Investigating educational issues across Europe (ACROSS Base)
Round table
Proceedings of ECER 2003 Round table on methodological approaches in European projects


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European research projects are faced with a common methodological problem: how to analyse issues across countries, cultures, organisations, regions or systems. Within these contexts various methods are applied, ranging from traditional means of comparative investigation to innovative concepts of collaborative research. As an initial overview, methodological approaches in educational research across Europe have been compiled in an electronic resource base (ACROSS Base). This base provides evidence from newly completed projects, presenting the various methods that have emerged out of partnership work. 
    In order to stimulate discussion on these methodological issues among European colleagues a round table is proposed, involving several authors quoted in the ACROSS Base. The debate will focus on the issue of how various methodological approaches serve European research collaboration. Which specific methods in support of partnership research have been tried out or developed? Which methods originating from comparative research have been taken up? The contributors will briefly review selected methods and assess their suitability for collaborative research. The debate is intended to promote fresh thinking on these issues rather than to arrive at general conclusions.

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