Investigating educational issues across Europe (ACROSS Base)
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Method Collaboration (ACCESS)
Description "The general format for the project includes:
    • face-to-face partner meetings in as many of the partner countries as possible, generally three per year, for team-building as well as task co-ordination
    • visits to each country by the project co-ordinator, for monitoring and evaluation, plus support, consultation and learning at first hand about the local situation
    • team negotiation and agreement on the detailed tasks of the project
    • initial fact-finding in each country
    • generation of case studies and so on in each country
    • joint work on conclusions and recommendations."  (Clayton, 2001, pp. 1, 2)
Appreciation of the differences and commonalities between European states:

"The starting point for the project is for the team to explore in which ways their countries differ from other European countries and what they have in common. This exploration brings to light not only different administrative arrangements, systems, policies, histories and so on, but also different cultures, academic traditions, prevailing philosophies and conceptual frameworks and approaches [...] Over time, we have learnt to incorporate the methodological approaches [...] into the pragmatic approach of my projects, and both parties appear to be learning from this process. These different approaches also add a richness and diversity to our end results [...] Through full discussion of concepts we arrive at common working definitions for use in the project and in this sense we develop European concepts. This involves a certain amount of compromise, a lot of learning and sometimes a little controversy - but never, so far, conflict. This is avoided in a variety of ways of which I shall give only three examples." (Clayton, 2001, pp. 1, 2)

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