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Method Case study: Comparative approach based on company case studies (TRANSLAM)
Description "In order to investigate the influence of industrial relations systems on the effects of further training practices [in France and Germany - S.M.], a comparative approach based on company case studies was adopted. Interviews with further training specialists from both unions and employers' associations were also conducted in both countries. It was assumed that French and German firms of comparable size, operating in the same industry and competing in the same product market, would be exposed to quite similar market pressures... However, even though narrow product markets are the focus of attention, it seems very likely that similar market pressures might make themselves felt in different ways in different national and corporate contexts. Depending on national social, institutional or economic conditions and the specific circumstances of individual companies, the same market pressures might be countered through investment in technology, reorganisation of the work process, changes in the work force, adaptation of skill profiles and so on. 
    Among the numerous, complex and interlinked determinants of firms' further training practices, we focus only on the most important elements of the labour market structure in both countries and on the institutional variables shaping the national further training systems. These two sets of variables will be used as a means of analysing firms' further training policies. The only company-specific factors taken into account are industry, size of firm, product market position, workshop-specific production and ownership structure." (Schömann et al., 2002, p. 304f.)
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