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Method Database: Integrated database (CATEWE)
Description "A set of integrated databases were constructed drawing on national transition surveys in France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Scotland and Sweden. Key measures of education and transition outcomes were available in these national surveys and they were mapped to a common template of comparable variables, a process which also helped to refine the conceptual framework..." (Smyth et al., 2001, p. 5)
Discussion "The advantage of this data is that national school leavers' surveys explicitly take account of the transition process by examining the flow out of initial education into the labour market or further education/ training and allow us to observe individual pathways rather than the aggregate patterns possible with the Eurostat Labour Force Survey. These surveys also contain detailed information on the main dimensions of education/ training outcomes, enabling us to explore their relative importance in different institutional contexts. However, the use of integrated databases is somewhat limited in terms of the number of European countries covered, the absense of information on older age groups for the purposes of comparison, and some difficulties in comparability (for instance, the absence of family background information from some national surveys)." (Smyth et al., 2001, p. 5f.)
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