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Method Model: 'Starfish Model' (TACITKEY)
Description The project needed to develop a model of key-competences which was more future oriented and generative in terms of people's personal and professional projects, given our emphasis on interrupted occupational biographies and learning careers (allowing for a wide range of life experiences and value orientations). The 'Starfish Model' (see below) was initially developed from a collective review of existing knowledge and used as a basis for heuristic investigation, to meet project criteria. The model was one we could test and develop empirically through our investigation of learning and occupational biographies. The model has emphasised broad clusters of abilities coming together in ways which generate growth, movement and future development. That is why the model is not a square or a list but an organism with abilities coming together at its centre. Our evaluation has sho wn that the model - as elaborated through the investigations in the four partner countries - has value in capturing some of the features which underlie successful change, adaptation and personal growth in ways which transcend national boundaries (Heidegger et al., 2000, pp. 27, 31).

'Starfish Model

  • Work content/subject matter related competencies
  • Learning competencies 
  • Methodological competencies
  • Competences related to values and attitudes 
  • Social competencies
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