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Project IVETTE - Implementation of virtual environments in training and education (Thematic Network)
Overview "IVETTE chief aims were: (a) to map out the teaching and learning approaches in virtual learning environments (VLEs), including those arising from combining face-to-face and traditional educational methods in both open and distance learning; (b) to critically assess the impact of European diversity into experiences of virtual learning environments, in relation to common elements of curriculum, language issues, and institutional adaptation of the education and training systems, and (c) to contribute to innovation in public educational Institutions in relation to the restructuring of its functioning, and to the co-operation with European Institutions and with the private sector."

To start with, the consortium discussed and adopted a general theoretical and conceptual framework of analysis. The IVETTE project applied a holistic perspective of study and discussion, based on main dimensions and indicators

The network's objectives were reached through undertaking case studies, organising workshops among participants, and disseminating results via an international virtual conference. 

IVETTE identified three issues that required further attention in order to enhance understanding on the way institutions can manage European diversity and integration. These were collaborate frameworks; curriculum and accreditation problems; and culture and language management issues.

(Barajas et al., 2000, pp. 2, 3f., 5, 6)

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