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Project TRANSLAM - Social integration by transitional labour markets/ Module II: Training and human capital investment
Overview This module dealt with investment oriented labour market processes. The approach, specific to the TRANSLAM project, started out from the study of labour market transitions rather than static labour market outcomes. The major data sources for the study were the European Community Household Panel (ECHP), the European Labour Force Survey (ELFS), specific country longitudinal surveys, and firm-level data in some countries. The role of actors in the field of training transitions was approached by in depth case studies to grasp the multidimensional and multi-level aspect of the actor’s rationale for training policies and activities. 

Also included were broad ranging analyses comparing transition outcomes across the European Union at large, based on harmonised data sets and methodological approaches [e.g. identifying a 'coupling coefficient' of two subsystems - Schömann et al., 2000, p. 22]; education demand models for individual countries; matched firm level case studies. (Schömann et al., 1999, pp. 1-15) 

Insight A detailed account of the approach and results related to this module is available in the published study (Schömann et al., 2002). See also further studies by Neugart and Schömann on forecasting labour markets (Neugart et al. 2002; 2002a).
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