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Method Survey (UNEMPLOYED)
Description "Based on the experiences and results during the first empirical stage of the project, the comparative case study research, the second stage in which a survey should be conducted was prepared. One of the first activities in the preparation of the survey research consisted of drafting a methodology paper outlining the possible pitfalls in the proposed quantitative design, the general principles of multilevel research and the intended application of multilevel analyses in this project.

... Questionnaires were developed for [four] categories of respondents... In developing these questionnaires, experiences from the case study research have been taken into account, altering or skipping questions that did not work during the interviews in the qualitative stage. Especially with regard to the former trainees it was attempted to keep the questionnaire as short as possible, given that the willingness to participate in an interview was not great and could be further damaged by working with lengthy questionnaires.

...Data were collected for... courses/programmes per country... In order to be able to ‘model’ the data (according to the multilevel analyses for both the output and outcome model) it was necessary to reduce the abundance of data into a more concise set of new concepts or variables... it was decided to run a multi-level analysis across countries, with of course the difficulties this might cause for the interpretation of the data given the contextual differences." (Brandsma, 1999, pp. 87-91)

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