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Four ‘images’ of the Integrated Delivery of CVT

The purpose of these four case-studies or ‘images’ is to illustrate what the Integrated Delivery of CVT is actually about. The examples are arranged to show how the approach to, and precise form of Integrated Delivery of CVT can vary in the different contexts within the AMU-system. 

It is indeed a basic idea of the project that the administration, the planning and the carrying out of CVT is focused on incorporating the users' and the customers' needs. The images are intended to give inspiration to single training institutions which can, based on its special customer profile, create its own approach to the Integrated Delivery of CVT.

The four images show a broad spectrum of approaches with different purposes:

Image 1: Relatively simple qualification
Image 2: Complex qualification with different types of skills
Image 3: Complex qualifications for several enterprises
Image 4: Integrated Delivery of CVT for the unemployed

Each image shows how a CVT process goes through the three phases of the Integrated Delivery of CVT: preparation, training and follow-up. Recommendations regarding which tools are best suited in each process are shown in bold and italic in the text. Most tools can be found in the tool database (in Danish) on the home page of the Integrated Delivery of CVT

(Bruno Clematide 2000)
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