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Key qualifications  - in DK personal and general qualifications  - are dependent on the context and do not exist detached from other qualifications.

That is why CVT provisions – also public ones - have to be related to the work situation of the individual learner before, during and after the courses.

From this the following challenges for training institutions can be derived - all forming new orientations away from traditional text book teaching towards the coaching of learning processes:

  • Analysis of work and of motivation for learning 
  • Sparring in the follow up
  • Relate teaching to reality
Skill needs analysis in the preparatory phase shall not be of the pure gap analyses type because this is blind regarding organisational factors and individual resources. Instead there is a need  for dialogues between the training organisation and the enterprises at both management and employee level.

If training organisations are to meet these challenges they themselves have to develop to become learning organisations  - for supporting learning in organisations. Some critical questions for starting this path towards becoming a learning organisation:

  • Are we good at learning of own experience?
  • Are there time and room for reflection?
  • How do we spread experience of successes?
  • Is there a ‘joint table’ on which to put all those pieces of worthy information which so many teachers and others at the training institutions gain individually?
In learning training institutions knowledge sharing is a necessary part of the agenda. That is why each training institution has to ask itself some critical questions about its communication culture:
  • Verbal versus written communication?
  • Systematic versus spontaneous communication?
  • Individual versus collective culture?

If others are entering the road of integrated learning, conceptual work that bridges industrial sociology and VET-research/learning theories is highly recommended. It has proven to help the development of the integrated delivery in the Danish context, as well as transnational co-operation has done.

(Bruno Clematide, February 2001)
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 Key messages
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