Integrated delivery of CVT
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 Promoters of the development process

The project has been backed financially by the ADAPT programme and the European Social Fund. These means, together with the other development resources, which have been made available for the AMU-system, have been managed by the Labour Market Authority. 

The individual training institutions have received financial and consultancy support to carry out a number of projects which have been based on the specific situation and needs. The group of AMU-centre directors have functioned as the steering group for the project, and a resource group have been set up as a think tank for the project. The resource group has consisted of researchers, consultants and representatives from the AMU-centres and the Labour Market Authority. 

Key persons from QCA in UK, Studio Meta in Italy, ZAP-Gladbeck and WIFO in Germany and Cedefop have contributed as the transnational think tank and have brought the results from the development work with the Integrated Delivery of CVT into the field of vocational education and training in their countries and in the EU.

Kubix and Poula Helth Rådgivning have been consultants for the National Labour Market Authority and the AMU-centers in all the elements of the development work.

(Bruno Clematide 2000)
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