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Abbreviation Full term (in English, French or German) Country
AHS Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schule AT
BEP Brevet d'études professionelles FR
BHS Berufsbildende Höhere Schule AT
BMS Berufsbildende Mittlere Schule AT
BTEC Business and Technician Education Council En
BTn Baccalauréat technologique FR
BTS Brevet de technicien supérieur FR
CAP Certificat d'aptitude professionelle FR
GCE 'A' level General Certificate of Education: advanced level En
GCSE (A*-C) General Certificate of Secondary Education (grades A* to C) En
GNVQ General National Vocational Qualification En
HAVO Senior general secondary education NL
HBO Higher vocational education NL
HE Higher education
IUT Institut universitaire de technologie FR
MAVO Junior general secondary education NL
NCVQ National Council for Vocational Qualifications En
NUC National Coordinating Unit En
NVQ National Vocational Qualification En
VBO Pre-vocational education NL
VWO Pre-university education NL
WO University education NL

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