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What  can we learn from one another?
The Partnerships of INTEQUAL and DUOQUAL have carried out several roundtable sessions focusing on the question "what  can we learn from one another?" The discussions have been based on a conceptual approach of sharing knowledge for mutual learning. The joint work both on the comparison of national schemes of dual qualification and on the investigation of selected topies has provided a rich resource for this exchange. 
    For promoting mutual learning in the  DUOQUAL project, the focus has been put on the assessment of individual schemes as a collaborative process. The criteria of assessment have been derived from a model of quality in vocational education developed in the CEDEFOP study by Lasonen & Manning 1999 (see DUOQUAL REM folder). These criteria relate to personal competence and mobility both in the education system and the labour market. In the final roundtable session on mutual learning held at the Flensburg workshop 1999 this approach was adopted (see DQ Roundtable programme). The partners assessed the strong and weak points of their schemes and considered lessons from other schemes in this context. In the following presentation, the summary of lessons, the results of the roundtable discussion and the assessments of individual schemes are set out. A study of the outcomes of mutual learning in this project has been prepared by Sabine Manning for presentation at ECER 2000 (see DUOQUAL REM folder). The lessons identified by the partnership are to be taken up at national and European level for detailed discussion with policy makers, practitioners and researchers in education.

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