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  Dual Qualifications
Schemes in individual European countries


General pattern of analysis

  1. the national framework of economic, social and educational change, in which the schemes are placed, including the competitive position within Europe; 
  2. the major features of the schemes in the context of the national systems of education, in particular with regard to the balance between opening up access to higher education and strengthening the vocational education sector; 
  3. the educational concepts underlying the schemes, such as the relation between theoretical/knowledge-based learning and experiential/work-based learning and key skills - in relation to their different national routes; 
  4. the organisational implications of combining general and vocational education, considering methods of cooperation between the traditionally contrasting administrative and financial systems; 
  5. the evidence of success of the schemes, in terms of both participation and satisfaction respecting the schemes themselves and their impact on mainstream vocational education. 

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