DUOQUAL roundtable of mutual learning

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Round table of DUOQUAL partnership

Lessons of mutual learning

Saturday 9 October 1999, 9.30-11.00

Proposal  (Sabine Manning 17/08/1999; amended 02/09/1999; 29/09/1999; 11/10/1999)

The roundtable of mutual learning is already part of  the INTEQUAL/DUOQUAL tradition. This time we will structure the discussion by relating project experience to the potential of dual qualifications set out in a model (see CEDEFOP study by Lasonen/Manning in the REM DQ folder (file RTF) or in the Finnbase as file (Word7) for downloading!): providing personal competence and facilitating mobility both in the education system and the labour market. 

based on combined
vocational and general education
Educational mobility
by entitlement for higher education
Occupational mobility
by qualification for (highly) skilled work

The starting point of our discussion should be the question:
How to achieve high quality of dual qualifications according to all three criteria?

In PREPARATION of the roundtable each partner should answer the following questions referring to the three criteria and their combination:

1. What works well in the national scheme concerned?
2. What are the problems/ open questions in this scheme?
3. Which approaches from other schemes may be worth applying?

The answers should be set out in brief notes (1 page altogether) and circulated in the partnership well before the workshop (deadline 1 Oct). 

At the roundtable, the discussion is envisaged to have two cycles.

FIRST, each individual criterion is considered, with three questions being asked: 
1. Which schemes provide successful approaches?
2. (Turning to the other schemes:) What could these learn or apply from the successful approaches?
3. What are the problems/ open questions in any scheme?

SECOND, the three criteria are considered in relation to each other, with the following questions being posed:
1. Which schemes manage to meet all three criteria to a high degree?
2. What are the essential factors in achieving this? (incl. relationship between education system and labour market) 
3. How could we translate these results into clear lessons?

The  evidence of the roundtable discussion, together with the preceding notes, will be written up and published in the DUOQUAL knowledge base.

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