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Based on the national case studies and the comparative Survey, topics have been selected for carrying out detailed collaborative investigations of the schemes of dual qualification across groups of countries. The topics cover major aspects of dual qualifications:  the educational context of these qualifications and the concept of general skills, integrative learning process and synoptic assessment, progression to higher education and the labour market, and patterns of career development. Each investigation draws on evidence both of empirical research available from the countries concerned and of joint analysis within the topic team. This process of collaboration has been supported by a dialogue with practitioners and policy makers, including special workshops. 
    Akey issue identified across all topics has been the acquisition ofhigher order learning skills. At the Partnership workshop in Flensburg 1999, this issue was taken up in a discussion involving members of all topic groups, chaired by Stamatis Paleocrassas. The report on this discussion and a message on this issue serve as an introduction to the topic studies section.
    The overview of topics below links up to the major output of collaboration: the summaries of the topic studies and the results of special topic workshops. These are presented for reading on the attached pages. In addition, the full texts of the topic studies and related papers from DUOQUAL partners are available for downloading in the DUOQUAL folder (sub-folders 'Topic studies' and 'Related papers'). Please click here for getting access to the folder. 

Overview of topics
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Concept of qualifications 
Summary/ Workshop
Integrated learning processes
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General skills
Facilitating progression to HE
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New job skills
Summary/ Workshop
Tracing careers
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Related papers
   (DUOQUAL/ REM folder)

Country Author Date Title Context 
CZ P. Vicenik & M. Virolainen Aug '99 Comparison of ideas and approaches influencing national educational systems and especially educational schemes with dual orientation Topic: Concept of qualifications
DE R. Bremer 1999 A portrait of a pilot–project called GAB: in co–operation with schools, an enterprise and the ITB Topic: Integrated learning process
DE W. Kusch May '99 New developments in the field of vocational education in Bavaria/ Germany Topic: Integrated learning process
DE W. Kusch Nov '99 The development of new integrated syllabi (curriculum) for vocational fields of learning
- an example from the bavarian pilot project of double qualification 
Topic: Integrated learning process
DE G. Kutscha 1994 Integriertes Lernen in berufs- und studienbezogenen Bildungsgängen der Sekundarstufe II - 
Entwicklungen und Konzepte in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (contribution to the OECD Programme
'Changing Role of Vocational and Technical Education and Training New Approaches to Integrated Learning')
Topic: Integrated learning process
EU P. Kämäräinen Oct '99 Reflections on Duoqual and Spes-Net (paper submitted to the partnership workshop in Flensburg) Duoqual project
EU P. Kämäräinen Mar '00 “Parity of esteem” as a challenge for European cooperation in the field of vocational education and training - Reflections on the development of the related Leonardo projects (SPES-NET and DUOQUAL) Duoqual project
FR A. Lazar Nov '99 The recent institutional projections concerning the integrated learning in France (paper summary) Topic: Integrated learning process
NL E. de Bruijn & T. Moerkamp Feb '00 Powerful learning environments in vocational education: a conceptual model Topic: Integrated learning process
NO L. Larsen Oct '99/
Nov '01
Senior Secondary Vocational Streams. Integrative learning methods, Norwegian experiences.
Integrative Lernmethoden in der beruflichen Bildung:  norwegische Erfahrungen
Topic: Integrated learning process/ Integrativer Lernprozess
PT T. Oliveira & L. Frazao Sept '99 Placement of youth in the labour market Topic: New skills for the labour market

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