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Gerald A. Straka (Ed.)


Münster · New York · München · Berlin: Waxmann, 2000 ISBN 3-89325-864-7
E-mail: info@waxmann.com
Price: 49,90 DM; 236 pages 
Waxmann Verlag GmbH; Postfach 86 03; D-48046 Münster

Self-directed learning has become an educational megatrend in theory and practice. It is approached with different views, theories, and methods related to specific cultures.

In order to stimulate a boundary-crossing communication, researchers from different disciplines and regions describe their conceptions of self-directed learning: 

Stephen Brookfield:
Self-Directed Learning as a Political Idea

Alan J. Brown:
Social Influences on Individual Commitment to Self-Directed Learning at Work

Rosemary S. Caffarella:
Goals of Self-Learning

Philippe Carré:
From Intentional to Self-Directed Learning

Maria Cseh, Karen E. Watkins & Victoria J. Marsick:
Informal and Incidental Learning in the Workplace

Edward Deci & Richard Ryan:
What is the Self in Self-Directed Learning? Findings from Recent Motivational Research

Roger Hiemstra:
Self-Directed Learning: The Personal Responsibility Model

Kyung Hi Kim:
A Confucian Perspective of Self-Learning

Gaston Pineau:
Self-Directed Learning in the Life Course

Regula Schräder-Naef:
Foundations of Self-Directed Learning

Robert-Jan Simons:
Towards a Constructivistic Theory of Self-Directed Learning

Gerald A. Straka:
Towards a More-Dimensional Theory of Self-Directed Learning

Seng Chee Tan & David Jonassen:
Hypermedia Composition and Self-Directed Learning

Nicole Anne Tremblay:
Autodidactism: An Exemplary Model of Self-Directed Learning

Barry J. Zimmerman:
Self-Regulatory Cycles of Learning

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