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Curtis Finch and John Crunkilton

Curriculum development in vocational and technical education

Fifth Edition
Needham Heights, MA, USA: Allyn & Bacon, 1999, 318 pages,
ISBN 0-205-27902-3

First published in 1979, this book has focused over the years on comprehensive planning, content, and implementation of Vocational and Technical Education curriculum. The fifth edition includes information about new curriculum design and implementation strategies, curriculum development for school-to-work transition, and how the Internet may be
used to access useful curriculum information.  Additional information about the book may be found at:



Preface to the Fifth Edition


Section I Curriculum Development in Perspective

1. Curriculum Development: An Overview
2. Contemporary Designs for Curriculum Development

SECTION II Planning the Curriculum

3. Making Decisions in Planning the Curriculum
4. Collecting and Assessing School-Related Data
5. Collecting and Assessing Community-Related Data

SECTION III Establishing the Curriculum Content

6. Determining Curriculum Content
7. Making Curriculum Content Decisions
8. Setting Curriculum Goals and Objectives

SECTION IV Implementing the Curriculum

9. Identifying and Selecting Curriculum Materials
10. Developing Curriculum Materials
11. Curriculum Development for School-to-Work Transition
12. Assessing the Curriculum

Appendix A. Curriculum Materials Assessment Form
Appendix B. Educational Software Assessment Form

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