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Human Resource Development: A Concise Introduction

Ronan Carbery and Christine Cross (Eds)

Palgrave Macmillan
April 2015
300 pages

ISBN 9781137360090
Paperback: £36.99

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The field of human resource development (HRD) has emerged as one of the most dynamic and multifaceted areas of business and management for both academics and practitioners. Human Resource Development: A Concise Introduction is an engaging and succinct textbook that deals with HRD at a basic introductory level, covering the major areas of HRD, including strategic HRD, the interaction between leadership, talent management and HRD and HRD in large and small enterprises. With a unique blend of theory and practice, this text will help you to succeed in your HRD course and help you to develop important practical skills for your future career.

In addition, the Active Case Studies and HRD in the News features, alongside a range of international examples, bring HRD theory to life. 

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