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Francophone perspectives on learning through work

Conceptions, traditions and practices

Filliettaz, L. & Billett, S. (eds.)

Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands
ISBN 978-3319186696



As English has become the dominant language of scholarship, there is a growing risk that concepts, traditions and practices form outside the Anglophone world will become under-represented, ignored or even lost. For instance, accounts of learning through and for work have predominantly been advanced through accounts in English. Yet, workplaces as sites for learning have long been emphasised in the Francophone world, which has developed distinct traditions and conceptions of associations between work and learning (e.g. ergonomics and professional didactics). Yet, whilst being accepted and of long standing in the Francophone world, these conceptions and traditions, and the practices supporting them are little known about or understood in the Anglophone world, which is the dominant medium for scientific and educational discussion. 

This book seeks to address this problem through drawing on Francophone accounts from France, Switzerland and Canada that make accessible and elaborate these traditions, conceptions and practices through examples of their applications to occupationally related learning. These accounts offer variations and culturally-specific developments of these traditions, but collectively emphasize a preoccupation with how both work and learning need to be understood through situated considerations of persons enacting their work practice. In this way, they offer noteworthy and worthwhile contributions to contemporary global considerations of learning through work.

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