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Adult Learning and Education in International Contexts: Future Challenges for its Professionalization

Comparative Perspectives from the 2016 Würzburg Winter School

Series: Studies in Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Gerontagogy

Editors: Regina Egetenmeyer, Sabine Schmidt-Lauff and Vanna Boffo

Peter Lang 2017

ISBN 9783631718803

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3726/b11144

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This volume analyses adult education and lifelong learning as international phenomena, which have a strong influence on professionals working in this field. Based on the 2016 Würzburg Winter School, the book identifies influences on policy at local, national and international levels. It examines the internationalization of adult education and emphasizes the emergence of different dimensions of professionalism in adult education.

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