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Edited by Philipp Gonon, Kurt Haefeli, Anja Heikkinen & Iris Ludwig, 2001. 
From the conference of the VET and Culture network in Aarau, August 1999. 

         The main focus is on gender aspects of vocational education - particularly in health care education- and
         further education. Authors from different European countries discuss the influence of gender on
         vocational education and present research results and political reform projects. Drawing on international
         comparisons an outlook on gender equality in the fields of vocational education and work is offered.
         The articles particularly emphasise how equal rights for men and women can be put in practice in
         various occupations. 

         DISTRIBUTOR of the book 

         Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. 
         Jupiterstrasse 15 - Postfach 277, CH-3000 Bern 
        http://www.peterlang.net, email: info@peterlang.com

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