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Enhancing the Quality of Career Guidance in Secondary Schools

A Handbook

Erasmus+ project: MyFuture

Ronald G. Sultana 

University of Malta
Siena: Pluriversum 2018 

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The Handbook is one of the outcomes of the Erasmus+ funded MyFuture project. It pulls together the key findings of several international reviews the author was involved in over the past years. Practitioners and researchers can thus benefit from the funds of knowledge that have been created thanks to analyses of policy and practice in close to 60 countries. By identifying lead initiatives across Europe and beyond, the Handbook suggests ways in which career education, information, and guidance in schools can be enhanced. Quality guidance services are thus presented as a citizenís entitlement in the same way as health and education are. The Handbook moreover critiques neoliberal conceptions of quality assurance as promoted within the New Public Management discourse, and makes a case for improved services for citizens thanks to a commitment to reflective practice.

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