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Jim McGoldrick, Jim Stewart & Sandra Watson (editors)

Understanding Human Resource Development
A research based approach

Publisher: Routledge, New Fetter Lane, London, EC4P 4EE, UK

ISBN  0-415-22610-4

Content: 19 chapters by leading HRD researchers in Europe and the US
examining the theory and practice of HRD and the process of researching HRD
based on recent and current empirical studies. 


  1. Researching HRD; philosophy, process and practice. By McGoldrick, Stewart and Watson.
  2. Defining the research question. By Monica Lee.
  3. Problems of method in HRD research; company based lifelong learning and 'longitudinality'. By Jim McGoldrick, Graeme Martin and Judy Pate.
  4. The tools of freedom and the sources of indignity. By John Hamblett, Rick Holden and Denise Thursfield.
  5. Towards evidence based HRD practice. By Bob Hamlin.
  6. Researching HRD in small organisations. By Rosemary Hill.
  7. Evaluating the impact of management development on performance. By Jonathon Winterton and Ruth Winterton.
  8. Learning for change by telling stories. By Jeff Gold, Stuart Watson and Mike Rix.
  9. Learning to change, changing to learn: case studies in the automotive sector. By Penny West. 
  10. Analysing quantitative research. By Darren C. Short and Peter Kuchinke.
  11. Writing the research story. By Sally Sanbrook.
  12. Ethical issues in HRD research. By Rona S. Beattie and Marilyn McDougall. 
  13. Implementing networked learning with HRD professionals internationally. By Catherine Edwards.
  14. Implications for reflective HRD practitioners of the influence of life experiences on managers' career decisions. By Goronwy Davies and Tony Wilson. 
  15. Going native!: ethnographic research in HRD. By Rona S. Beattie.
  16. Convergence and divergence in HRD: research and practice across Europe. By Jean Woodall, Alison Alker, Christina Macneil and Sue Shaw. 
  17. Using action research to explore the development needs of second generation Asian small businesses. By Clare Rigg, Kiran Trehan and Monder Ram. 
  18. A new approach to the literature review. By Sally Sanbrook.
  19. Postscript: the future for HRD research. By McGoldrick, Stewart and Watson. 
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