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Hans Heijke and Joan Muysken (Eds)

Education and Training in a Knowledge-based Economy

Macmillan, Houndmills/London/New York
ISBN 0-333-91989-0
Hardback £50.00

The aim of this book is to examine the economic effects of education and training, as determined by a proper match between education and jobs or under- and overeducation, the choices made in education, the quatity of schools, the general or the specific nature of the training taken, technology innovation and the obsolescence of knowledge.


List of Figures - List of Tables - Notes on the Contributors - Acknowledgements - lntroduction: H.Heijke &J.Muysken - 

J.Hartog, On Returns to Education: Wandering Along the Hills of Oru Land - C.Belzil &J.Hansen, A Stochastic Dynamic Programming Model of Education Choices in Sweden - D.Rochat & J.Demeulemeester, The Choice of a Discipline at
University: Risk versus Returns P.Dolton & A Vignoles, The Effects of School Quatity on Pupil Outcomes: An Overview - A. van Zon, H.Meijers & J.Muysken, On Trickling Chimneys and Other Unemployment Misery - 

P. van Eijs & H.Heijke, Mismatch Between Occupation and Education and the Costs and Benefits of job-related Training - P.Beneito, J.Ferri, M.L.Molto & E.Uriel, Over/Undereducation and Specific Training in Spain: Complementary or Substitute Components of Human Capital? - L.Hocquet, Vocational Training and the Poaching Externality: Evidence for France - D.Blechinger & F.Pfeiffer, Technological Change and Skill Obsolescence: The Case of German Apprenticeship Training - 

L.Soete, Technology, Globalisation and Employment: Analytical and Policy Challenges - 

Subject Index

HANS HEIJKE is Director of the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market at Maastricht University.

JOAN MUYSKEN is Chair of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Maastricht University.

Applied Econometrics Association Series
Published in association with the Applied Econometrics Association

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