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Boreham, Nicholas; Fischer, Martin; Samurcay, Renan (eds.).

Work process knowledge

London: Routledge
(Series: Routledge Studies in Human Resource Development)
ISBN: 0415279291


Work Process Knowledge brings together the findings of twenty-four leading researchers on new forms of ork and the demands these place on workers' knowledge and skill. Their findings, based on a new set of investigations in a wide range of manufacturing and service industries, identify the kinds of knowledge required to work effectively in the post-Taylorist industrial organization.
Raising fundamental issues for current industrial policy, science and technology policy, and ways of managing the post-Taylorist organization and developing human resources, this book will be of essential interest to academics and professionals working in the fields of management, human resource development, and workplace learning.


1. Nicholas Boreham - Work Process Knowledge in Technological and Organizational Development
2. Michele Mariani - Work Process Knowledge in a Chemical Company
3. Leena Norros and Maaria Nuutinen - The Concept of the Core-Task and the Analysis of Working Practices
4. Martin Fischer and Peter Röben - The Work Process Knowledge of Chemical Laboratory Assistants
5. Pierre Rabardel and Stella Duvenci-Langa - Technological Change and the Construction of Competence
6. Lauge Baungaard Rasmussen - Work Process Knowledge and Creativity in Industrial Design
7. Norma Lammont and Nicholas Boreham - Creating Work Process Knowledge with New Technology in a Financial Services Workplace
8. Maria Teresa Oliveira, Ana Luisa Oliveira and Mariana Gaio Alves - Dimensions of Work Process Knowledge
9. Martin Fischer Work - Experience as an Element of Work Process Knowledge
10. Janine Rogalski, Marielle Plat and Patricia Antolin-Glenn - Training for Collective Competence in Rare and  Unpredictable Situations
11. Renan Samurçay and Christine Vidal-Gomel - The Contribution of Work Process Knowledge to Competence in Electrical Maintenance
12. Martin Fischer and Felix Rauner - The Implications of Work Process Knowledge for Vocational Education and Training
13. Nicholas Boreham - Professionalization and Work Process Knowledge in the UK's National Health Service
14. Rik Huys and Geert Van Hootegem - A Delayed Transformation? Changes in the Division of Labour and Their Implications for Learning Opportunities
15. Karsten Krüger, Wilfried Kruse and Maria Caprile - Work Process Knowledge and Industrial and Labour Relations

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