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Walther, A., Stauber, B., Biggart, A., du Bois-Reymond, M., Furlong, A., López Blasco, A., Moerch, S., Pais, J.M. (eds.):

MISLEADING TRAJECTORIES  -  Integration Policies for Young Adults in Europe? 

An EGRIS Publication.
Opladen: Leske+Budrich, ISBN 3-8100-3450-9, 194 pages, 24,80 Euro

The book documents European research on young people' s transitions to work 
and the traps of social exclusion reproduced by transition related policies.

Online orders at www.leske-budrich.de


Chapter I:
Introduction: Young Adults in Europe Transitions, Policies and Social Change
Barbara Stauber & Andreas Walther

Chapter II:
Synopsis: The Diversity of National Transition Systems Andreas Walther

Chapter III:
Comparative Analysis of Misleading Trajectories

1. Misleading Trajectories between Standardisation and Flexibility Great Britain, Italy and West Germany
Andy Biggart, Morena Cuconato, Andy Furlong, Gabriele Lenzi, Barbara Stauber, Mariateresa Tagliaventi & Andreas Walther

2. Educational Plans in Segmented Societies: Misleading Trajectories in Denmark, East Germany and Spain 
Lothar Böhnisch, Andreu López Blasco, Mathilde Morch, Sven Morch, Josetxo Errea Rodríguez & Holger Seifert

3. Modernised Transitions and Disadvantage Policies: Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland and Migrant Youth in Germany
Wim Plug, Elizabeth Kiely, Kerstin Hein, Vitor Sergio Ferreira, René Bendit, Manuela du Bois-Reymonds & José Machado Pais

Chapter IV:
Leading or Misleading Trajectories? Concepts and Perspectives
European Group for Integrated Social Research (EGRIS)

Chapter V:
Recommendations: Integrated Transition Policies
Manuela du Bois-Reymonds, Morena Cuconato, Gabriele Lenzi, Andreu López Blasco, Barbara Stauber & Andreas Walther

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