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Shaping Flexibility in Vocational Education and Training

Wim J. Nijhof, Anja Heikkinen & Loek Niewenhuis (eds) 
Kluwer Academic Publishers

The book treats flexibility as a system characteristic of VET in analysing key conditions for flexibility:
- economic context of VET and the organisational and institutional design of VET;
- educational tools and resources for the flexibility of delivery and pathways at national level;
- VET professionals as promoters of flexibility, mobility and transferability.

The book is an outcome from the COST A11 action. 

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and website www.wkap.nl 

Table of Contents

Section I: Introduction. 
1. Shaping conditions for a flexible VET; L.F.M. Nieuwenhuis, W.J. Nijhof, A. Heikkinen. 

Section II: Institutional and Organisational Aspects of Flexibility. 
2. Vocational education and training in transition: from Fordism to a learning economy; K. Mayer. 
3. Learning organisations for VET; L.F.M. Nieuwenhuis. 
4. Perspectives on institutional and organisational flexibility in VET; L. Hommen. 

Section III: Educational Tools and Resources for Flexibility. 
5. Institutional responses to a flexible unified system; C. Howieson, D. Raffe, T. Tinklin. 
6. Demand and supply of qualifications: systems' change towards flexibility; L. Ribolzi. 
7. Developments in vocational education in Ireland; D. Tuohy. 
8. From a unified to a flexible vocational system: the Hungarian transition case; L. Zachar. 
9. Design and effects of a flexible VET system: a case study in Dutch agricultural education; J. Geerligs, W.J. Nijhof. 
10. Valuing learning outcomes acquired in non-formal settings; G.A. Straka. 
11. Resources for flexibility: critical comments; F. Marhuenda. 

Section IV: Professional Conditions. 
12. Professionalism as a path for the reform of VET systems; L. Lassnigg. 
13. Transforming VET policies and professionalism: a view from Finland; A. Heikkinen. 
14. HRD as a professional career? Perspectives from Finland, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom; T. Hytönen, R. Poell, G. Chivers. 
15. Challenges of supporting leaming of newly qualified professionals in health care; A. Brown. 
16. The practice of a new VET profession; P. Hodkinson. 

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