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Facing up to the learning organisation challenge

Volume I - key issues from a European perspective
Barry Nyhan, Peter Cressey, Massimo Tomassini, Michael Kelleher, Rob Poell

Volume II - selected  European writings

Barry Nyhan, Michael Kelleher, Peter Cressey, Rob Poell (Editors)

Thessaloniki: CEDEFOP (forthcoming: April 2003)

Volume I provides an analytical overview of the main questions emerging from a number of recent European research and development projects related to the topic of the learning organisation. It attempts to elucidate the issues, dilemmas and challenges arising from these research projects with the view to assisting policy makers – from employer, trade union and government backgrounds – to devise policies that will promote learning at work

Volume II contains 15 papers drawing on the work undertaken in the above mentioned research projects. 

These two volumes are published in the context of a ‘Cedefop research arena’ (Cedra) knowledge development initiative that has become known as the ‘Cedra learning organisation project’.

Table of Contents

Volume I 

Chapter 1 Introduction – facing up to the European learning organisation challenge

Chapter 2  The learning organisation in a European context 

Chapter 3 Issues, dilemmas and tensions in building learning organisations 

Chapter 4 Taking up and staying with the challenge of the learning organisation

Chapter 5    Concluding comments – taking the agenda forward

Annex 1 Summaries of the individual chapters in Volume II - selected European writings
Annex 2  The learning organisation and the learning economy

Volume II

Part one  The meaning of the learning organisation

Chapter 1 Developmental learning  – a condition for organisational learning
- Per-Erik Ellström
Chapter 2 Challenges and open questions raised by the concept of the learning organisation
- Martin Fischer 
Chapter 3 How organisations learn – a theory of learning and organisational development 
- Hans-Werner Franz
 Chapter 4  Competing perspectives on workplace learning and the learning organisation 
- Alan Brown and Ewart Keep
Chapter 5 The conundrum of the learning organisation – instrumental and emancipatory theories of learning 
- Peter Cressey and Michael Kelleher

Part two Organisational learning realities in different contexts

Chapter 6 Social dialogue and organisational learning 
- Michael Kelleher and Peter Cressey
Chapter 7 Implementing organisational change in British Telecom 
- Peter Cressey
Chapter 8 Banking on learning – the Deutsche Bank Corporate University
 - Daniela Reimann
Chapter 9 Stimulating a thirst for learning – the case of the Guinness Dublin brewery 
- John Findlater
Chapter 10 Learning to network – the transformation of a social research institute 
- Hans-Werner Franz
Chapter 11  The relationship between critical reflection and learning – experiences within Dutch companies 
- Marianne van Woerkom, Wim Nijhof and Loek Nieuwenhuis

Part three Human resource development and training in support of the learning organisation

Chapter 12 The learning organisation and HRD in the knowledge economy
  - Massimo Tomassini
Chapter 13 The changing role of HRD practitioners in learning-oriented organisations 
- Sally Sambrook, Jim Stewart and Saskia Tjepkema
Chapter 14 Experiences of HRD consultants in supporting organisational learning 
- Rob Poell and Geoff Chivers
Chapter 15 Human resource development in Europe – at the crossroads 
- Barry Nyhan

For information please contact Barry Nyhan, e-mail: bn@cedefop.eu.int (tel. +30 2310 490194) or 
Rauni Puurunen, e-mail:rhp@cedefop.eu.int  (tel. +30 2310 490120) 

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