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Human resource development in a knowledge economy
An organisational view

Rosemary Harrison & Joseph Kessels [> Profile: Rosemary Harrison]

London: Palgrave Macmillan
August 2003 
320 pages 
PB £27
ISBN 99 0-333-99015-3

Human Resource Development in a Knowledge Economy provides a critical approach to the study of human resource development and emphasises the need for its effective integration with human resource management, as well as with the strategic management of the organisation. With special reference to workers in the 'knowledge economy' Human Resource Development in a Knowledge Economy draws readers through a stimulating reflection of human resource development's past and current organisational role and impact, analysing the role human resource development can play in an increasingly knowledge-based environment.


PART ONE: The emerging knowledge economy 
- Setting the Scene
- Organisational Perspectives: Strategising and Organising 
- HRD Country Frameworks 
- HRD: Emerging Challenges
- HRD: The State of Play

PART TWO: Building Knowledge Productive Organisations 
- Notions of Knowledge 
- The Knowledge Productive Organisation 
- Researching Knowledge Productivity 
- New Technology, the Knowledge Process and HRD 

PART THREE: HRD: Challenges in a Knowledge Economy 
- The Ethical Dimension 
- Where to now for HRD


Rosemary Harrison is Chief Examiner for Learning and Development at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She was previously Director of the HRD Research Unit at the University of Durham.

Joseph Kessels is Professor of HRD at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, and consultant at the HRD consultancy firm, Kessels & Smit.


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