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R. Husemann & A. Heikkinen (eds.) 

Governance and Marketisation in Vocational and Continuing Education

ISBN 3-631-50533-7 
Peter Lang GmbH, 
Europäischer Verlag der Wissenschaften, Frankfurt am Main 2004
info@peterlang.com, www.peterlang.com, www.peterlang.net

Globalisation and individualisation, decreasing public means, political strategies of de-centralisation, increasing participation of social groups and growing markets are discussed as main aspects of the current changes in vocational and continuing education. A comprehensive and integrating theoretical concept of analysis and understanding of these changes is widely missing, but necessary for a supra-national level of observation and comparison. The book includes a survey on this segment of education in several European countries, Australia and the USA. The folio of analysis and comparision is given by the concept of governance, which allows a theoretical and empirical approach to the field of vocational and adult education. The contributions line out governance and marketisation strategies in an international, national and sectoral perspective and give a frame of perception and interpretation on a general level. 


  • Rudolf Husemann and Maija Vesala-Husemann: Governance as a Model of Analysis and Driving Force for Vocational and Adult Education
  • Katrin Kraus: The Third Way
  • Leena Koski: Female Entrepreneurs in the Learning Society
  • Anja Heikkinen: The Making of Europe of the Learning Organisations
  • Terri Seddon: The impact of globalisation and marketisation on vocational education: A governance perspective on
  • education change
  • Stephen Drodge: Institutional, local, regional and national dynamics in the new English skill system
  • Svein Michelsen and Håkon Host: Building the new Governance in Norwegian Apprenticeship Organisation
  • Richard D. Lakes: Marketing Schools as Local Partners: Vocational Education and the Charter School Model in a USA Setting
  • Liv Mjelde and Richard Daly: Development and Contradictions in the Norwegian VET Reforms of the 1990s as Reflected in the Fields of the Buildung trades and Hairdressing
  • Ole Johnny Olsen: The Firm as a Place of Learning in Vocational Education. Results from Studies of Norwegian VET
  • Markus Weil:  The Learning Region  in Germany - regional networks as the new forms of governance in adult education? A
  • case study
  • Beatrix Niemeyer: Marketising vs. Education? - A case study on the micro level of a German program for vocational preparation 

Dr. Rudolf Husemann is Professor for Adult Education at the University of Erfurt, Germany. His main subjects are adult and vocational education in the context of biography, labour market and industrial change, regional and comparative aspects.
Dr. Anja Heikkinen is Professor for Adult Education at the University of Jyväskulä, Finland. Her main subjects are adult and vocatinal education in the historical and comparative perspective. She is the co-ordinator of EUROVET, the international network of history and culture in vocational education. She has published several books, e.g. Life long learning, One Focus, Different Systems, Peter Lang 2002.

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