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G. Schienstock (ed.) 

Embracing the Knowledge Economy: 
The Dynamic Transformation of the Finnish Innovation System

ISBN 1 84376 307 9
Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar
New Horizons in the Economics of Innovation Series

Globalization, new technologies and evolving organizational and management models pose a significant challenge to industrialized countries. Instead of relying on the traditional techno-organizational paradigm, they have had to search for new development paths to ensure further growth and social welfare. Finland is one of the few nations that has been able to meet this challenge successfully and, as such, can be regarded as a model case study from which other countries can learn how to manage this fundamental transition process. 


Preface Part I: Conceptual Aspects 
Part II: Industries and Firms 
Part III: Regions and Institutions 
Part IV: The National Level Index 


T. Alasoini, J. Ali-Yrkkö, H. Bruun, T. Hämäläinen, R. Hermans, E. Kaukonen, M. Kautonen, K. Kekkonen, P. Koski, A. Leiponen, T. Lemola, R. Linnakangas, K. Määttä, M. Nieminen, L. Paija, C. Palmberg, P. Rouvinen, G. Schienstock, A. Suikkanen 

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