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Alan Mumford and Jeff Gold

Management Development: Strategies for Action

200 pages, January 2004 
Publisher: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 
ISBN: 0852929846 4th Edition 

Management Development: Strategies for Action is a fully revised and updated version of Alan Mumford's well known book, the first edition of which was published in 1989. In subsequent editions, published in 1993 and 1997, new material was inserted but essentially the original structure and objectives was retained. This continuity was partly a reflection of the popularity of the book but also the viability of the key ideas and approach. Previous editions were primarily aimed at practitioners working in the field of Management Development including many managers themselves. As the book title suggested, a key purpose was to prompt action; it was important that practitioners and managers actually worked out what they could do with the material covered. Then, as now, learning is the central issue and without a strategy for action which is realised as action, can any manager claim that learning has occurred? 

Through the collaboration with Jeff Gold, Principal Lecturer in Organisation Learning at Leeds Business School, this edition has been totally rewritten, partly to bring it up to date but also to meet the needs of a wider range of readership. The book still provides the guidance for practitioners which gave unique strength to earlier editions but also seeks to meet the needs of the large number of students who now study Management Development as subject for either a professional qualification with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development or as part of their MBA or other Masters level qualifications. 

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Managers, Management And Management Development
Chapter 2: Strategic Management Development
Chapter 3: Measuring Managers 
Chapter 4: Assessing Development Needs
Chapter 5: Managers and Learning
Chapter 6: Activities Influencing the Development of Managers
Chapter 7: Combining Work and Learning
Chapter 8: Evaluating Management Development
Chapter 9: Helpers In Management Development 
Chapter 10: The Future Supply of Managers
Chapter 11: Management Development For Particular Groups 
Chapter 12: The Future of Management Development

Alan Mumford is a leading figure in the MD field and has consulted on the subject at a practitioner level with many leading organisations. He is also active at an academic level and is visiting professor of MD at International Management Centres and visiting fellow at Lancaster University.

Jeff Gold is Principal Lecturer in Organisational Learning at the School of Economics and Human Resource Management, Leeds Business School, Leeds Metropolitan University. 

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