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Michael Reynolds & Russ Vince (eds.) 

Organizing reflection

Abingdon: Ashgate Publishing
ISBN 0 7546 3747 6


  • Foreword: Joe Raelin  
  • Organizing Reflection: An Introduction, Michael Reynolds and Russ Vince  
  • P(l)aying Attention: Communities of Practice and Organized Reflection, M. Ann Walsh and Gordon E. Dehler  
  • From Reflection to Practical Reflexivity: Experiential learning as Lived Experience, Ann L. Cunliffe and Mark Easterby-Smith  
  • The Dynamics of Reflexive Practice: The Relationship between Learning and Changing, Elena P. Antonacopoulou  
  • The Limits and Consequences of Experience Absent Reflection: Implications for Learning and Organizing, D. Christopher Kayes  
  • In Search of the ‘Structure that’: Promoting Organizational Reflection Practices in a UK Health Authority, Davide Nicolini, Mannie Sher, Sarah Childerstone and Mara Gorli  
  • Thinking with Feeling: The Emotions of Reflection, Elaine Swan and Andy Bailey  
  • A Reflection of What Exactly? Questioning the Use of ‘Critical Reflection’ in Management Education Contexts, Linda Perriton  
  • Dialoguing for Development: Lessons for Reflection, Janet McGivern and Jane Thompson  
  • Educating the Reflective Educator: A Social Perspective, Mary Hartog  
  • A Collaborative Inquiry into Reflective Practice in a Graduate Program in Adult Education, Dorothy A. Lander, Leona M. English, and Allan B. Quigley  
  • Practicing a Pedagogy of Hope: Practitioner Profiles as Tools for Grounding and Guiding Collective Reflection in Adult, Community and Youth development Education, Scott J. Peters, Helene Gregoire, and Margo Hittleman  
  • Subject Index  
  • Author Index.

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