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Fischer, Martin; Boreham, Nick; Nyhan, Barry (eds.)

European perspectives on learning at work
The acquisition of work process knowledge

2004, 408 pp.
Cedefop Reference series
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
ISBN 92-896-0273-2 408
Price: EUR 25

Work process knowledge provides a framework for understanding the complex knowledge required by employees in modern organisations. This knowledge is necessary because of the introduction of more flexible ways of working including new technology. 
This book draws together the writings of experts from the fields of learning theory, knowledge development and education and training, who have either worked on the development of the concept of work process knowledge or have drawn inspiration from it.

Among the many questions that contributors to this book, from research institutes in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, address are the following: Who is the learning subject of work process knowledge? Is it the individual, the ‘community of practice’ or the organisation? What is meant by the tacit dimension of work process knowledge? Can it be verbally communicated and exchanged or is it embedded in non-codifiable experience? What are the most appropriate environments for teaching and learning work process knowledge? How can work process knowledge oriented curricula be designed?

The book is of interest to researchers, university lecturers, teachers and trainers, curriculum designers, students and policy makers and managers who wish to understand the nature of learning in modern enterprises.

Section I: Introduction and overview
1. Work process knowledge: origins of the concept and current developments - Martin Fischer, Nicholas Boreaham

Section II: Individual and organisational dimensions of work process knowledge
2. The value of internal knowledge: work process knowledge and corporate restructuring - Michele Mariani, Massimo Mazza
3. Local knowledge in activity systems: the socio-cultural perspective of knowledge development -  Mira Waibel-Fischer, Michael Dick, Theo Wehner
4. Cooperation for knowledge development: a work psychology perspective - Christopher Clases, Theo Wehner
5. Organisational learning in the European chemical industry: concepts and cases - Martin Fischer, Nicholas Boreham, Peter Röben

Section III: Explicit and implicit learning at work
6. Tacit knowing and implicit learning - Georg Hans Neuweg
7. The role of metaphors in acquiring and transmitting knowledge -  Karin S. Moser

Section IV: Learning at work: obstacles and opportunities
8. The division of labour and its impact on learning at work -  Rik Huys, Geert van Hootegem
9. Promoting learning at the workplace: challenges in shaping the work environment -  Georg Spöttl
10.  A life-course perspective on work-related learning - Walter R. Heinz, Thomas Kühn, Andreas Witzel

Section V: Analysis of work process knowledge for teaching and learning
11. Psychological analysis of complex work environments - Janine Rogalski
12. Work analysis and curriculum based on the Beruf concept -  Felix Rauner
13. Identifying work process knowledge in accordance with characteristic occupational tasks - Peter Röben

Section VI: Design of curricula and work process knowledge
14. Practice and learning: issues in connecting school and work based learning - Toni Griffiths, David Guile
15. Decentralised learning: integration of working and learning - Peter Dehnbostel, Gaby Molzberger
16. Learning and working tasks as elements of work-related vocational education and training - Falk Howe
17. Developing a modern curriculum for the automobile industry - Rainer Bremer

Section VII: Policy issues
18. Learning through work experience: prospects for European knowledge development - Pekka Kämäräinen
19. Process knowledge and the development of further education professionals in Scotland - Roy Canning
20. Work process knowledge and lifelong learning policies - Michael Osborne
21. Work process knowledge and labour relations in the Spanish steel industry - Karsten Krüger

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