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VQTS model
A proposal for a structured description of work-related competences and their acquisition

Karin Luomi-Messerer & Jörg Markowitsch (Eds.)

© 3s research laboratory, Vienna, September 2006

This publication is the major outcome of the VQTS project, which has received the Helsinki Award for best practice projects relating to the Copenhagen Process.

Project home page: http://www.vocationalqualification.net/

How is it possible to describe the acquirable steps of competence development within a training programme as well as the already acquired steps of competence development of a person in training in a clear and transnationally understandable way? This is one
of the core questions we addressed in the VQTS project, a pilot project for the development of a Vocational Qualification Transfer System.
The VQTS model offers a solution for a structured description of work-related competences and their acquisition (including Credit Points). It enhances the transparency of competence profiles (of a training programme or qualification as well as of a person in
training) and therefore facilitates international comparison of competences and qualifications. The VQTS model is therefore closely aligned with the aims of the “Bruges-Copenhagen Process” wherein the EU countries have declared their willingness to
strengthen cooperation and to increase mobility in vocational education and training (VET).
The VQTS model and, in particular, the description of competences in relation to the work context can support the understanding between the world of education and the world of work. Hence, the developed approach can be used not only for the transfer of
competences acquired abroad, but also for other purposes where the transparency of competence profiles is of high importance.
(Quoted from Preface p 7)

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Languages: English, German, Dutch, Czech, Italian, Hungarian, Danish

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