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Learning together for local innovation: 
Promoting learning regions

Bjørn Gustavsen, Barry Nyhan, Richard Ennals (editors)

Cedefop 2007, 247 pp.
Cat. No. TI-73-05-356-EN-C
Charge: EUR 25
ISBN   92-896-0393-3
ISSN   1608-7089
Luxembourg : Publications Office, 2007
Cedefop Reference; 68

This book examines European case studies on regional and local innovation. It is based on the work of a European network project. Regional innovation depends on dialogue, networking and learning between all social and economic actors. The interfaces between the different interest groups in a region or locality are the places where learning takes place: people learning to act together to address their problems. This can be understood as collaborative learning for action along 'learning region' lines. Education and training agencies can facilitate this process by being moderators of action-oriented learning and carrying out accompanying research. The cases in the book look at how education and training agencies, including universities, cooperated with other regional actors to promote innovation. Different regional concerns are covered, ranging from manufacturing, regional universities, women's cooperatives to promoting social cohesion in a multicultural community. The book is of interest to readers from the fields of education and training, innovation theory, industrial development and social policy who have an interest in promoting regional innovation.

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