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Innovative learning measures for older workers

Tarja Tikkanen & Barry Nyhan (eds)

Cedefop: Panorama-series. 105pp.
Luxembourg: EUR-OP 2009
Catalogue number  TI-70-07-158-EN-C
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Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction: innovative learning measures for older workers
Tarja Tikkanen, Barry Nyhan p 5

Part I – Human resources innovations promoting learning for older workers

Chapter 2. Competence development for ageing employees in Siemens. The Compass process from the point of view of the works council
Wolfgang Mai p 14
Chapter 3. Management of active ageing in businesses in France
Bénédicte Gendron p 29
Chapter 4. On-the-job learning in teams of mixed ages
Jürgen Wilke p 37

Part II – Learning innovations in the public sector

Chapter 5. The NOSTE programme promoting lifelong learning for low-educated older workers in Finland
Kirsti Hulkari and Susanna Paloniemi p 50
Chapter 6. An integrated competence-based learning system created by older US public workers: a case of state-operated services in Minnesota
Renée S. Fredericksen p 64
Chapter 7. Older male workers breaking traditional work patterns
Hanne Randle, Torbjörn Persson, Maria Modin and Ingalill Eriksson p 72
Chapter 8. Lifelong learning policies and practices for improving older workers’ employability: recent developments and challenges in Japan
Toshio Ohsako and Masahide Suzuki p 88

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