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Work, education and employability

Gonon, Philipp / Kraus, Katrin / Oelkers, Jürgen / Stolz, Stefanie (eds.)

Series: Studien zur Berufs- und Weiterbildung - Studies in Vocational and Continuing Education; Vol 4
Peter Lang Publishers: Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien 

324 pp, 9 tables and graphs
ISBN 978-3-03911-294-4  pb.

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There is a strong relation between work and education in modern societies. On the one hand education is needed as a basic qualification for work and contributes fundamentally to the integration of individuals into the labour market and society. On the other hand the potential of learning in the working process is highlighted, for instance in the recent debates about informal learning or employability.
This volume contains papers delivered at the conference «Work, Education and Employability» which took place in Ascona in December 2006. The contributions offer different perspectives on the theoretical and historical impacts of the relation between work and education. They also provide analyses of recent developments in the field.


  • Katrin Kraus/Philipp Gonon/Jürgen Oelkers/Stefanie Stolz: Work, Education and Employability - 
  • Paul Hager: Education at Work - Serious Possibility or Policy Naivety? - 
  • Katrin Kraus: Does Employability Put the German 'Vocational Order' at Risk? An Analysis from the Perspective of Earning Oriented Pedagogy - 
  • Hildegard Maria Nickel: Will Radical Markets Mean more Equality? New Patterns of Conflict in Gender Relations - 
  • W. Norton Grubb: The Education Gospel: American Perspectives and International Patterns - 
  • Terry Hyland: Reductionist Trends in Education and Training for Work: Skills, Competences and Work-Based Learning - 
  • Hilary Steedman: Adapting to Globalised Product and Labour Markets: New Models for Apprenticeship in Europe - 
  • Mikiko Eswein: New Employment Patterns and their Impact on Occupational Training in Japan - 
  • Toshiko Ito: Simplifying the Transition from School to Employment: Career Education in Japan - 
  • Jürgen Oelkers: Work and Learning: A Look Back and an Outlook on a Classical Theme of Education - 
  • Philipp Gonon: Education for Industry - Employability avant la lettre - 
  • Klaus Harney/Matthias vom Hau: Between Market and Organization: Historical and Empirical Dimensions of Vocational Education in Germany (Or: Do Firms train 'Arbeitskraftunternehmer'?) - 
  • Christine Mayer: How the Past Shapes the Present: A Case Study on the Development of Vocational Training and Employment Possibilities of Male and Female Youths in Hamburg from the late 18th to the early 20th Century.

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