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Working and Learning at old Age

Theory and evidence in an emerging European field of research

Sandra Bohlinger (ed.)

July 2010

ISBN-10: 3869554134
ISBN-13: 9783869554136
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cuvillier (Göttingen)

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Understanding issues concerned with older workers and retirement is rapidly becoming a central concern within and beyond many disciplines. Economics, psychology, gerontology, sociology and education have provided insights in the many facets of this topic. The current debate and controversy reflects the shift from pushing away older workers from public life and employment towards retaining their employability, their knowledge and their wisdom.

This publication provides a range of contributions which reflect the way in which issues relating to retirement and an ageing workforce are at the intersection of key social changes over the past decades. The authors review the various strands in current research literature and present empirical findings which might serve as a guide to debates on the individual and societal position of older workers

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