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International perspectives on competence development

Developing skills and capabilities

Knut Illeris (ed.)

    * Price: $42.95
    * Binding/Format: Paperback
    * ISBN: 978-0-415-49211-9
    * Publish Date: May 18th 2009
    * Imprint: Routledge
    * Pages: 228 pages

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The book builds on the experiences and insights of its expert contributors, all of whom have worked with, studied and analysed competences and how they are developed. Their collected work presents

    * Comprehensive explanation and analysis of the concept and nature of competence.

    * Specific contexts of competence development, e.g. in the public sector or small business.

    * Competence development as a national strategy for building an up-to-date education and training system.

With chapters from around the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, this book illustrates in an engaging and convincing manner the importance and innovative nature of the concept of competences, resulting in a varied, differentiated and empathetic guide to the topic. It will appeal to educators, both in academic and management circles, as well as students and administrators of education.


   1. Adult Education and Lifelong Learning
   2. Continuing Professional Development
   3. Post-Compulsory Education
   4. Theories of Learning
   5. Industry & Industrial Studies

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