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Improving Literacy at Work

Alison Wolf and Karen Evans 

November 2010
224 pages
Publisher: Routledge (www.routledge.com)
Series: Improving Learning
ISBN: 978-0-415-54872-4 (Pb)
Price: £21.99  £17.59

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Modern societies demand high levels of literacy. The written word is pervasive; individuals with poor literacy skills are deeply disadvantaged; and governments are increasingly pre-occupied with the contribution that skills can make to economic growth. As a result, the basic skills of adult workers are of concern as never before, a focus for workplace and education policy and practice.

While Improving Literacy at Work builds on detailed research from the UK, the issue is a universal one and rising skill requirements mean the conclusions drawn will be of equal interest elsewhere in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The research findings have very direct implications and practical relevance for teaching and learning, as this valuable book demonstrates, providing clear advice on how to develop effective provision and how best to support learners at work.

Selected Table of Contents

Introduction Part I: What are the Issues? 1. Literacy Learning at Work 2. Perspectives and Key Concepts 3. The Effects of Literacy Development in the Workplace Part II: The Findings 4. The Challenges of Implementing Literacy Learning in the Workplace 5. Literacy Learning at Work: The Benefits to Individuals 6. Literacy Learning, Workplace Practices and Lives Beyond Work 7. The Organizational Impact of Literacy Learning at Work 8. The Interplay of Formal and Informal Learning at Work Part III: The Wider Context 9. The Findings in International Context 10. Improving Literacy Learning in and through Work

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