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Knowledge, Skills and Competence in the European Labour Market
What’s in a Vocational Qualification?

Michaela Brockmann, Linda Clarke, Christopher Winch

May 2011
Publisher: Routledge (www.routledge.com)
ISBN: 978-0-415-55691-0 (Pb)
Price: $53.95

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For the free movement of labour across the European Union, establishing transparency and comparability of qualifications across member states is vital.
   This book examines how qualifications, knowledge, skills and competences are understood in different national contexts and trans-nationally and reveals a complex picture of differences and similarities both within and between countries. Against the background of EU policy initiatives, and in particular the European Qualifications Framework, an important focus is on the prospects and difficulties of establishing cross-national recognition of qualifications.
   Drawing on case studies of particular sectors and occupations in England, France, Germany and the Netherlands, this insightful book, written by leading academics in the field, will be a vital resource for students and researchers involved with vocational education and training, continuing professional development, human resource management and European Union policy.


Foreword (Tim Oates) 1. Introduction: Cross-National Equivalence of Skills and Qualifications across Europe? (Michaela Brockmann, Linda Clarke, Christopher Winch, Georg Hanf, Philippe Méhaut and Anneke Westerhuis) 2. EU Initiatives in Cross-National Recognition of Skills and Qualifications (Philippe Méhaut and Christopher Winch) 3. Savoir:The Organizing Principle of French VET (Philippe Méhaut) 4. The Changing Relevance of the Beruf (Georg Hanf) 5. The Meaning of Competence (Anneke Westerhuis) 6. Skill: A Concept Manufactured in England? (Christopher Winch) 7. Trade? Job? Or Occupation?: The Development of Occupational Labour Markets for Bricklaying and Lorry Driving (Linda Clarke) 8. Higher Education Qualifications: Convergence and Divergence in Software Engineering and Nursing (Michaela Brockmann) 9. Establishing Equivalence through Zones of Mutual Trust (Linda Clarke and Anneke Westerhuis) 10. Interpretive Dictionary (Michaela Brockmann, Linda Clarke, Christopher Winch, Georg Hanf, Philippe Méhaut and Anneke Westerhuis)

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